Tijuana Where You Wanna

Tijuana Where You Wanna

At a corporate event, or with the Flats Iguana

Iguana holding pepper

Tijuana Iguana

No matter the occasion

Let us cater,

Taco Kit on table

Let us cater your next event!

Our hot sauces will leave you speechless

Needing a translator.

Pick whatever your team wants

All to their liking,

everyone gets to take part in the feast

one fit for a Viking.

Chips, salsa, queso and guacamole

Tijuana Trio


Go for a Megajuana trio as a starter

Queso, Guac, Salsa and all,

Take it wherever you’d like

Even a Shopping Mall


Hot sauce

Talk about hot sauce!

Invite the whole world over and order a Hot Fling

For your wedding shower to show off that engagement ring

Pick this order, it’s a buffet style

One to surely have every guest leaving with a queso covered smile


Meat, chips, and hot sauce

Party pack perfect for your next event

Or if the whole office is coming over

Go for the Hot Affair

It is sure to leave taste bud causalities

In a Spicy Mouth Warfare



Sweeten up your event with churros!

Bust out the Burrito Bash

It always does makes a splash

Or go on, start with dessert

the Churro Bash will leave you with stains all over your shirt


So what are you waiting for

Catering phone number

Give us a call!

Pick up the phone and dial 1-844-TFlats

Your event surely won’t disappoint,

An extravaganza fit for a diplomat!


Start your catering order here!

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