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Feature Fridays: Hard Suds

At all of our Tijuana Flats locations across the Southeast, we offer a huge variety of brews for every particular palate. From IPAs, to lagers, to witbeirs – we’ve got something for every beer-loving Flathead out there. Whether you’re a beer connoisseur or just enjoy sipping on something different every once in a while, you’ll definitely have to give a few of these brews a try.

Tex-mex and beer? A brewtiful combination.

Street Tacos

Street Tacos

1. Abita Purple Haze

This first beer is a lager, brewed with pilsner, wheat malts and vanguard hops. This beer is brewed with real raspberries, so if you love a fruity aroma and a tart, sweet taste, Purple Haze* is sure to deliver exactly what you’re looking for. This beverage is best served alongside something fresh and fruity.

We love this beer paired with our Jerk Chicken Street Tacos – our pineapple salsa perfectly complements the fruity notes in this beer. For something even lighter, try one of our fresh salads with this tasty brew.

2. Thomas Creek Dockside Pilsner

If you’re looking for something crisp, clean, and a bit bitter, this next one from Thomas Creek Brewery* is sure to satisfy. Dockside Pilsner is a golden German-Style Pilsner with a light and clean finish.

Salad with chips

Choose a Salad!

Because of its low flavor impact, it pairs well with a variety of dishes. Our favorite? We say you can’t go wrong with a classic and healthy burrito bowl or fresh salad with chicken.

3. Swamphead Big Nose IPA

Our last featured beer is Swamphead Brewery’s Big Nose IPA*. According to their website, this brew is a “mystical nectar for hop lovers.” Juicy, citrus hop flavors and some caramel sweetness combine to deliver tons of flavor with a balanced finish. The mix of light and dark flavors in Mexican food makes for a perfect complement to an American IPA’s citrusy/caramel combo.

Chimichanga with rice and beans

Chimichanga with rice and beans

We recommend our rich, deep-fried steak chimichanga paired with a Big Nose. A full-flavored brew with a full-flavored meal from Tijuana Flats? It really can’t get much better than that.

Find your favorite brew nearest you.

We love supporting local craft breweries near all of our different locations. Visit your local T Flats to check out which tasty hard suds are available at the location closest to you!

Until next time, farewell Flatheads!

*Only offered at specific locations. Call your local store to find out what’s available.

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