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Tijuana Flats Strives to Reach 100 Locations by 2013

Restaurant News 01.20.12

–Tex-Mex Restaurant Announces to Open 12-15 New Locations in 2012 and 15 in 2013–

ORLANDO, Fla. (January 20, 2012) – Tijuana Flats, known for its fresh Tex-Mex food and anything-goes atmosphere, announced today its plans to open 30 new locations by the end of 2013, with 12-15 of them being opened in Florida this year.

South Florida’s Oakland Park and a second Gainesville location are the first two Tijuana Flats scheduled for 2012—both opening this month.

The restaurant is planning to open the remaining 13 locations—mainly in South Florida—by the end of the year. These openings reflect the company’s previously announced plans to expand the Tex-Mex brand’s footprint in the South Florida area.

“The growth TIjuana Flats has seen over the past several years is something the company as a whole has worked very hard to achieve,” said Tijuana Flats Owner and CEO, Brian Wheeler. “And with that said, we’re not planning on stopping anytime soon. As long as we’re still welcomed and loved by guests, we’re going to continue grow and expand and give back to the communities we serve.”

In 2011, Tijuana Flats opened seven new locations—six in Florida and one in North Carolina. These new locations accounted for nearly 600 total new jobs, spanning Jacksonville, Orlando, Tampa, Fort Lauderdale and Cary, NC.

In addition to the new openings, the restaurant chain also remodeled seven other locations during the year with upgrades ranging from dining room wall signage renovations to full-scale wall and counter replacements to energy-efficient kitchen equipment.

Tijuana Flats saw an increase in sales of 8.29 percent, from 2010 to 2011. And, it wasn’t only the business that saw successes. Tijuana Flats’ not-for-profit organization, the Just in Queso Foundation, received donations totaling nearly $172,000 that helped them reach their $1-million-raised milestone in December. The Just in Queso Foundation also achieved 1,981 hours of donated service time from Tijuana Flats guests and employees alike in 2011.

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