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Just in Queso Foundation Celebrates $1 Million Raised

–Tex-Mex Restaurant’s Charity Reaches Highly Anticipated Milestone –

Since day one, Tijuana Flats, regarded for its mouth-numbing hot sauce and fresh Tex-Mex food, has always been very determined to give back to and support the communities it serves.  One way it does this is via its not-for-profit foundation — the Just in Queso Foundation — who reached its $1-million-raised milestone at an event last week.

The “Cocktails For A Cause” event was held last Thursday night at Waitiki Retro Tiki Lounge on Wall Street in downtown Orlando.  This annual event is a chance for supporters of the organization to come together and celebrate the accomplishments of the year.  This year was incredibly special, as attendees helped the Foundation raise the $5,000 it needed to achieve its $1-million-donated milestone.

“Raising $1 million has been a lofty goal of the Just in Queso Foundation since we started the organization,” said Dede Franklin, president of the Just in Queso Foundation. “To be able to say that we’ve finally achieved that goal is amazing. We truly appreciate every dollar donated that allows us to realize our mission, which is to help people in need, often when help is least expected.”

In addition to events like “Cocktails For A Cause,” the Just in Queso Foundation raises funds through the sale of the “Just in Queso” charity hot sauce, as well as Tijuana Flats’ special-edition holiday “Smack My Ass and Call Me Santa!” hot sauce, for which $3 from the sale of each bottle is donated directly to charities that are in need. The Foundation also accepts tax-deductible donations from other organizations and individuals.

“The Foundation is a great way to provide help to those who need, when they need it the most,” said Tijuana Flats Owner and CEO, Brian Wheeler.

For more information about the Just in Queso Foundation, including ways to donate, where to purchase the charity sauce, how to receive funding or simply to leave an interactive comment, please visit